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Angelo Deliso


President/Field Supervisor

Angelo was a union driller in the Dock Building Union for 28 years, working in New York City and the surrounding boroughs. He was a union foreman for 15 years and a general foreman for 10 years. Both positions entailed running a crew of 10-15 employees, laying out jobs, managing drilling operations, etc. Throughout his time in the union, he gained valuable knowledge in regards to helical pile installation, wood pile installation, and all facets of foundation drillings. He become the owner/field supervisor of Slacke Test Boring Inc. in 2015 where he oversees all jobs. Angelo spends significant time on each job, ensuring that boring locations are laid out, confirming access to all boring locations and creating access if needed, and coordinating scheduling with all necessary parties.

Angelo Deliso Jr.


Vice President/Field Supervisor

Angelo Jr. was a union driller in the Dock Building Union for 15 years where he worked in New York City, the surrounding boroughs, New Jersey, and Long Island. During his time in the union, he served as foreman for 10 years and general foreman for 5 years. As foreman, he was responsible for all facets of the job, including, but not limited to managing safety operations, running a crew of 10-15 employees, facilitating all drilling operations, reading blueprints, and planning out all jobs. During this time, Angelo gained knowledge and experience related to all areas of ground down foundation drilling work. His work included, but was not limited to, drilling and driving piles, drilling tie backs, and helical pile installation. Angelo became the owner of Slacke Test Boring Inc. in 2015 and currently oversees all field operations including drilling, boring logs, and managing the field team.

Brooke Deliso


Office Manager

Brooke is a Licensed Master of Social Work who has transferred her interpersonal skills into the drilling office. She began working for Slacke Test Boring in 2018 and has vastly increased her knowledge of the field since. Brooke is always available to answer a call, draft a proposal, write a report, answer a question, or anything else that is needed.